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Whose Give Away is it?

Updated: May 25, 2022

Hey there Berserkers!

So I love a great gear giveaway! I have not ever won anything but that isn’t why I like them. I like learning about new gear as it is developed and new outdoor companies as they break onto the scene. So I was sitting and pondering about that one day when it hit me. Maybe, just maybe, there are other gear-a-holics that love giveaways too. So, I figured I would start curating or aggregating the giveaways and raffles that I come across. Then there would be a single place for others to find the best of the Outdoor Gear Giveaways. Now, if you come across one that I haven’t seen, then please send me an email, i will check it out and add it to the list. One caveat, I like high-tech gear so I will most likely exclude discount store brands. Here is the list so far, I will try to update the list regularly. I will add new giveaways was soon as I can and I will add them to the top to hopeful make the list easier to manage. These are not and will not be affiliate links. I will have a separate spot for my affiliate links in case you want to support the page by purchasing great gear through those links.

**Sierra Designs Family Camping Giveaway

** Hyperlight Mountain Gear

A leader in DCF Backpacking gear

** Xero Shoes

This Barefoot Shoe company has a monthly Giveaway

** ReddyYeti

This is a great site with constantly changing giveaways that cater to the Gear-Head and fitness junkie in all of us.

** Mountain Standard Colorado

Adventure gear giveaway

** Hiking my Feelings and Gossamer Gear (US Only)

To celebrate four years of #HikingMyFeelings, we are teaming up with our pals at Gossamer Gear to give away more than $2,000 worth of gear and experiences - click below to enter to win!

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